Andrea Fallon: Self Care for Mums

Thursday, October 14, 2021 9:30 am
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Self Care has become commercialised and trendy. Self Care

We hear about Mums going to the spa, having a pedicure and going on fancy holidays. There is nothing wrong with these things but they’re a quick fix for dealing with stress. Andrea Fallon midwife, child nurse and NDC practitioner joined Mike to tell us about what self care actually involves.

The real activities that bring our body back to a state of calm aren’t so glamourous. Self care involves creating healthy daily habits like eating well, staying hydrated or  exercising. Andrea shared her own story of restricting her caffeine intake to one coffee a day.

“I had got into the pattern of having two coffees a day…but it was setting me up for the worst pattern. I wouldn’t be in bed until midnight and then my little one might wake up once in the night and then the kids would be up for the day at 6:30am and the cycle would start again. It took me a lot of self discipline to say I need to go back to one.

Self care also involves evaluating the people you spend your time with. Are they criticising your parenting choices? Does their gossiping give you a negative outlook on life? It’s important to choose carefully who you spend time with or set up healthy boundaries in that relationship. If you feel overwhelmed, reducing commitments can help you feel less stressed.

“When we commit to actions that really improve ourselves or our lives, that’s true self care.”

What is one habit you can start for better self care? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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