An Update from Morro in Tanzania

29 June 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Earlier this year we partnered with Water for Africa for the first-ever Watering Day.

Thanks to the generous donations from our 98five family, we were able to provide clean and safe drinking water for over 40 000 people! Morro was so moved by the success of Watering Day that he and his family decided to move to Tanzania. Where he was able to see the wells we funded be installed and make such a life-changing impact. “We’re standing around all the kids are there, and there are people and officials from the town. The tension is palpable as they drill and just past 50ft the water started coming out. Just the emotion from these people, I was just tearing up it was a lot of joy.”

As a former Brekky show host, Morro has also witnessed the generosity of our listeners during our previous June appeals. There are some days when you’re doing breakfast radio when you are wondering if anyone is listening. The great thing about June appeal is the real-time connection with the family. You get a lot of feedback and overwhelming generosity from the people of Perth.”

98five loves to get out into our community, or engage with local charities working around the world. To ensure people are loved and have an opportunity to hear the positive message of hope in Jesus! We can only do this thanks to our amazing 98five family, who donate sacrificially throughout the year to support the work we do.

“Without 98five there are countless charities, churches and organisations that wouldn’t have had a platform or a voice. With Watering Day it was just an incredible blessing to a little local charity to say hey we are going to plug you guys for a day and we raised $100 000 dollars. I can’t thank the 98five family enough. So keep being generous and supporting the station because it is definitely worth it.”

This June we invite you to partner with 98five to share hope for all to see and hear! 

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