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Each week Bec and Jeziel give a recap of the latest trending topics.

An Australian remake of The Office is in the works. The Australian remake is supposed to start filming in Sydney mid-this-year. Magda Szubanski, who played Sharon on ‘Kath & Kim’, has been approached to star in the series.

A Father in France is facing jail time for blocking the whole town’s internet. He installed a signal jammer to prevent his teens from going on their phones instead of sleeping. But he wasn’t just blocking their internet, he was blocking the whole town’s internet from 12-3 am. Although he had good intentions, signal jammers are illegal in France with the maximum penalty being a $50,000 fine and up to six months in jail!

A proud mum interrupted her son during a live news broadcast. Myles Harries was all set to give his report when he noticed his mum’s car approaching. He pointed at the vehicle and told the cameraman: “That’s my mum!”

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