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Bec and Jeziel shared some good news stories that will make you smile.

An 80-year-old man hiked through a blizzard to rescue a woman stranded in the snow. The retired rescuer, Andre Bouvier Sr, is being hailed a hero for rescuing the woman and three other cars stuck in the blizzard.

When the snow started to fall, the woman took a dirt road but quickly became lost with no ability to see in front of her. She stopped to call 911 and the operator suggested to wait out the storm. “She took my information and told me an officer would call me back. Almost 14 hours and counting and nobody has called me yet to check in.”

She went into the storm to discover her location on road sign. Then she found a neighbourhood Facebook group for the area, alerting residents of her situation. That’s when Andre Bouvier got the call and went out ton foot o find her. On the way he found three other stranded vehicles, he led the helpless cars one by one to his home. Bouvier let the survivors sleep at his house, and departed the next morning. “Canadian people are very pleasant to be around. They’re so welcoming it’s amazing!”

Scientific evidence has confirmed that spending time in nature, can make you healthier and more productive. Canada’s ‘Prescribe Nature Initiative’, allows doctors to prescribe patients with a trip into nature. A drop in cortisol (stress hormone), happens between the 20-to-30-minute mark. So it is recommended to spend 2 hours a week in nature, 20+ minutes at time. “Fingers crossed it comes here!”

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