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Jacob Hill is a man who has lived a wild life. He was a talented sportsman at school, before a knee injury spelled the end of his scholarship. Combined with the breakdown of his parents marriage, Jacob’s life quickly spiraled.

Desperate to find somewhere that he fit in, Jacob joined up with a group of older boys who had been experimenting with drugs and crime. Before long, Jacob was using hard drugs and committing robberies. His life extended to crime, drug dealing and addiction all before he even turned 21.

At the end of her rope, his mother pleaded with him to try rehab. Convinced that rehab didn’t work, Jacob decided to go along with it. He made the eight-hour bus ride to Esperance, and was picked up at the bus stop by one of the Teen Challenge staff. Jacob looked at this unassuming Vietnamese man and thought “how is this church boy going to help me?”

Little did Jacob know, this man had a trouble history of his own, and was able to connect with Jacob in a way nobody else had been able to. Therefore, Jacob realised “if God could help this man, he can help me. This will work.”

After a painful detox, and a challenging rehabilitation period, Jacob Hill emerged a new man. He’s now a pastor, and gives talks to schoolkids about the dangers of drugs. To hear all of Jacob’s inspiring chat with Mel and Jeziel, check out the podcast below:

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