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Amanda Viviers from Kin Women has just launched a new book, Dear Creative Self. The power of the creative process is to spark new ideas. Some people say they are not writers but we write every day, be it on social media or sending a text message to someone. Our life is a letter but the way we write it and what we write will determine our creativity. Creativity is about the input and the creative process. We are all creative people, God designed us to be creative. We can take something and make it creative. Creativity tends to bring satisfaction to those who foster it.

Amanda Viviers Dear Creative Self

Within her book, she talks about the seven spheres of the creative process. These spheres are:

  1. Emotional Wellbeing
  2. Connection and Collaboration
  3. Rest and Sleep
  4. Technology
  5. Innovation
  6. Pioneering
  7. Spirituality and a Sense of Purpose

Amanda Viviers joins Bec on The Morning Show to share about Dear Creative Self:

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