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Every day Kirste, Dan and Producer Leon serve up a yummy dish of Newsli. (Like Muesli, get it?)

Almost 400 people broke the world record for most mermaids in one place. At least 388 merfolk took part in the 2022 Mermaid Challenge in Plymouth, Devon. Men, women and children gathered wearing mermaid tails and colourful wigs.

Image: SWNS

A mum was outraged by her neighbour’s teenagers who were blasting music for 12 hours a day! She explained the teens are both home on study leave and play loud music from 11 am to 11 pm. “The night time I can cope with, but I work from home, and the only place I can work is the dining room – which is their side of the house.”

A man found an artwork worth $3000 at a kerbside pickup. Leonardo Urbano repairs and resells discarded goods and came across the artwork in Sydney’s inner suburbs. He thought the painting was pretty but decided to look up the artist before giving it away. The local art gallery informed him the work was an original. He ended up speaking to the original artist, Dapeng Liu. “He told me he was pretty disappointed to see his work in the trash because the painting was actually a gift for someone.”

Image: Leonardo Urbano

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