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After recently commemorating Reconciliation Week here in WA, Allan Tranter poses a challenge to those who consider themselves or are aiming to be more civic minded.

“If you or your family consider yourselves to be civic minded, I challenge you to get an accurate picture of our Australian history since European settlement.”

(The definition of civicminded is someone who is interested in and cares about what is going on in his community.)

Allan shares a chilling slice of history that most of us who call Perth home are probably unaware of. For a long time Aboriginal people in this area could not access certain parts of the CBD unless they had a license. This law was only abolished in 1954.

Allan challenges us to read, start the conversation with our friends and families and look into what our schools are actually teaching our kids about Australian history.

If you’re interested, Allan shares some great resources:

Have a listen to his segment below:


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