Allan Tranter: Trends

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 9:24 am
Reading Time: 1 minute

Too often parents try to be their kids best friend. As parents it’s our responsibility to set parametres and set guidelines to show our kids they have options and how to make good choices.

Lets not confuse being a ‘buddy’ with being a loving parent.

In terms of technology; parents need to set parametres between how much is ‘cool’ and how much is ‘authentic’ and then we keep it consistent all the time.

We have to model the behaviour we think is best for our kids.
So if were always in front of a screen and dismiss the kids when they interupt, what kind of habits will they learn?

I heard the story of a teenager who felt he was abandoned by his parents as they ate their meals in front of the TV, afterwards dad went to his laptop to work and mum to online shop and be with her friends, and this teenager felt he had no choice but to retreat to his room and be entertained by his screens.

We have to teach our kids that, yes technology is a great tool to ease life, but the things that are life giving are much more important.

Thanks to Allan Tranter from Creating Communities for this insight, listen to the full 5 minute segment below.

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