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Allan Tranter, from Creating Communities, joins The Brekky Show every fortnight to teach us what he’s learning about reconciliation.

“I’ve learnt a new word!” Allan Tranter announced this morning.

Kujung Karrin Janka.

It is an old-style Martu word that means all in one. The Martu have applied it to their relationships with other Indigenous groups and to non-indigenous people as “Confidently and respectfully walking in each other’s worlds.”

What an amazing concept!

Allan learned it because yesterday he had members of the KJ (Ranger program from the East Pilbara) Martu leadership program in his office talking about what they are doing and how they are endeavouring to bridge the gap between the white fella’s world and the Martu world. Not just the Martu moving into the white fella’s world but each side moving closer together.

They’ve taken senior police, magistrates, senior government people and more out onto country to talk about how this might happen.

Allan says it was a magic day of learning for him.

“I studied anthropology over 45 years ago. But I’m learning more and more every day about our First Nations people. Every day I am more and more impressed by them.”

The Wadjuk people have every right to be proud, as do the Martu. I really encourage people to work towards Kujung Karrin Janka…

Confidently and respectfully walking together in each other’s worlds.

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