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Every week Allan Tranter from Creating Communities joins The Brekky Show for a small conversation that always leaves us thinking big thoughts.


Yesterday afternoon Allan Tranter attended the funeral of a good friend, a good friend from nearly 40 years ago! Even after all these years he still has a strong place in Allan’s heart and memories. He was very healthy until a short time ago, he tragically got sick, was rushed to the hospital, put on life support and passed away.

Which got Allan thinking…

Are we good at sharing in someone else’s grief? Are we good at demonstrating our respect for those who have died and showing compassion to those who love them most?

“A number of years ago I started going to funerals of the parents and loved ones of friends, or work colleagues or people that I know but wasn’t super close to. It was surprising just how appreciative people were of the presence of someone who didn’t have to be there! Some said it was more important than seeing all those that had to be there.”

Some people think you have to be profound and wise to show you care and use words of great wisdom. This is not true! Just being there counts. As does a touch on the shoulder, a warm smile, or a “sorry for your loss.”  The sentiments aren’t profound, yet they deeply touch people.

So Allan has a simple challenge for us: To set our hearts and minds on being there!

This firstly means being aware of what is going on in the lives of people around us, then being there. This doesn’t necessarily mean going to funerals, but being willing to say you are sorry for their loss. Sending a text, card or flowers will do. Be deliberate in making sure people are respected and those that are in sorrow are surrounded by people who care and who show it.

If you already do it, well done! If this is new or scary, start “Being there!” We all need it, no-one is immune for loss and grief.


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