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Grant Dusting from McCrindle (Or as they like to call him Stat Man) joined Kirste and Dan to share some stats about the 2022 election.

In 1996, When John Howard was elected 86% of votes were made at polling places on election day. Compared to our last election in 2019, when 54% of votes were received on election day polling places. The remainder were postal votes or from pre polling. “I think what is driving that is the convenience factor. We live such busy lives.”

1 in 3 Australians said their trust in Federal Government has decreased in the last 2 years

The old theory said that the inner suburbs, being more affluent areas, would vote for Liberal who stand for lower taxation and frugal government spending. While the working class in the outer suburbs vote for Labor who stand for high government spending that support the working class. But the opposite is actually true. Inner suburbs tend to vote for Greens or Labor and the outer suburbs tend to vote for Liberal.

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