What “age appropriate” chores do your kids do?

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 2:17 pm
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After a mum posted an ‘Age Appropriate Chores Guide’ for kids to a parenting Facebook group, she found herself in the middle of a heated, controversial debate. Group members were quick to disagree saying most of these chores were beyond the ages suggested, some even saying these are all adult chores. While others jumped to defend refuting that they are in fact appropriate chores.


Age appropriate chores for kids

This list suggests chores for 2-year-olds to 12-year-olds ranging from wiping up messes for the todders, mowing the grass for 9-year-olds and cleaning the fridge for pre-teens.

Some of the group members were encouraging of these principals, leaving these comments:

My 2yo wouldn’t see wiping mess as a chore. She loves it. Makes mess just so she can wipe it! We don’t call anything chores, but there is the expectation that she puts her clothes in the hamper and her dirty dishes in the sink, and has to help tidy her toys.

When I have my child I know they are going to be helping me out with chores. I wish I had to do more as a kid because now I’m older and it was harder to get the motivation to be self sustained.(I am now obviously) but getting into the habit early on is a good thing to learn. and who says you have to treat your kid like a slave or make them do it all on their own? help your kids with there chores/have them help you, put on some music and make a game out of it or just have fun. and most of these chores don’t take but 10 minutes to complete max that leaves lots of time for a kid to be a kid”

This is called “training for life”. If they don’t learn it at home when will they? It also gives a child confidence in their own abilities & makes them feel useful/helpful.”

While others disagreed.

Wow! 9 to 11 mowing lawns? Ummm I don’t think so. There’s some chores that really only adults can do. At 12 they’re no way near old enough to babysit safely. They haven’t got the cognitive functions to react properly in a bad situation.”

I think who every made up this list must live in the dark ages , let kids be kids , they have a lot of years ahead of them , let them help you if they want but don’t expect to much.”

How old are your kids? What are their chores?

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