A Remorseful Jack Watts

Monday, February 4, 2019 12:06 pm
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AFL – Port Adelaide – Jack Watts 

Jack WattsA REMORSEFUL Jack Watts says a video of him snorting a white substance – that he told his club, Port Adelaide, is legal – off a woman’s chest is a “pretty shocking look”.

The video was taken last year at Munich’s Oktoberfest, and shows Watts pouring a substance from a small vial onto a woman’s chest and then snorting it.

Watts told the Power the white powder was a substance known as Wiesn Pulver, which consists of menthol, sugar and glucose.

It is commonly taken at Oktoberfest and is legal.

“You’ve probably seen it, it’s a pretty shocking look,” Watts told reporters before training at Alberton Oval on Monday morning. “I’m really obviously disappointed with myself and can imagine how my parents and my sisters watching a video like that it’s not a great feeling. Obviously just the pain and the burden I’ve caused to the club and the supporters and my teammates and coaches, that’s probably what hurts me, the most. I’ve made a lot of changes since the video, with my life, for the positive and looking forward to continuing that.”

Power chairman David Koch said the club was disappointed with Watts and would investigate the matter further.

“As a club, we are bitterly disappointed with the video content that appeared yesterday of Jack Watts at Oktoberfest in Munich last October,” Koch said.

“It’s not a good look and Jack should have known better than to put himself in that situation. He is aware of that and has publicly apologised for his actions this morning. At the moment, we accept Jack’s explanation on face value that the substance in the video was indeed legal, but we will still investigate the matter further. We have made the AFL aware and they can investigate further also if they choose to.

Let’s be very clear – Port Adelaide takes a zero-tolerance approach to illicit drugs. We do not want them at our club or people who use them in our club. End of story.”

Daniel Ebert

Sports Intern 98Five Sonshine FM

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