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Adventure World is in hot water over its new “Weigh In” system which forces patrons to publicly weigh themselves before being allowed on the ride.Adventure World

Although the system was designed to keep patrons safe, Adventure World was accused of body-shaming young people. Simon Creek, from HHG Legal Group, told Mike “The public safety of everyone who visits Adventure World, has to come first. They’re doing the right thing to make sure disasters that happened over east don’t happen here.”

But he suspects they had no legal advice. “Ultimately it’s very easy to foresee,  that any child standing in front of all their peers and a red light flashes instead of a green one. Then having to walk back down the stairs through the walk of shame is going to be very badly damaged by that.” Adventure World has since apologised. Listeners chimed in with their opinions.

Shelleen disagrees with the weigh-in system. “I think to put a weight limit on a ride is wrong. Because it’s embarrassing for the person being told you’re too fat you can’t go on.” 

Melissa thinks there are other safety options. “I don’t think it’s as simple as only having two options – a scale or no scale. There are more options like redesigning the rides, or a system that is far more private. I will also say that there has been a height limit (minimum and maximum) for a number of rides for a long while, designed for safety.”

What do you think of Adventure World’s weigh in system? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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