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Adrian Munro is the CEO of Richmond Wellbeing which provides inclusive, community-based mental health and wellbeing support services across Western Australia.

Mental health is such a big challenge in our community. So every fortnight, Adrian joins Mike to raise awareness of mental health issues, as well as share his professional tips and advice for those who may be struggling.

“This is such a priority for me, this is such important work. I am very personally motivated and driven by the work that I do, I don’t just have a ‘job’, I am serving the public and I have a real personal mission… Partnering with 98five is such a fantastic opportunity to speak to so many people about mental health and wellbeing. It assists in our real push that we’re not just talking about mental health in Mental Health week and R U OK Day, we need to talk about mental health and wellbeing every single day.”

The last two years have been unprecedented and so has the demand for mental health support. Isolation and lockdowns have caused so many people to experience mental distress. The unfortunate reality is that no government can resolve the issue, we need every single person to have good awareness and be equipped to support their friends and family. “It takes an entire community to protect mental health. I can work with 98five to increase that knowledge and understanding of mental health.”

Countless 98five listeners are impacted by weekly guests like Adrian, who give their advice on a range of issues.

“98five does not exist purely as a news outlet or entertainment. 98five has a mission and values really well aligned with me looking to make a difference in the community. I can really try and connect with the family and talk about practical tips that assist people in their mental wellbeing.”

With the support of our listeners over the last 34 years, we have grown to become more than just a local community radio station. We are able to reach people wherever they are, whether they’re in their car listening to the radio or scrolling through their Instagram feed before they go to bed, we can make this amazing message of life-changing hope seen and heard.

Will you partner with 98five to share hope for all to see and hear?

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Listen to Adrian and Mike’s full chat below!

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