Adrian Munro: Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 3:43 pm
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Adrian Munro, from Richmond Wellbeing, joined Mike to talk about creating a mentally healthy workplace.

1. Recruitment

It starts with recruitment. It’s important to ensure you hire employees that align with the values and vision of the workplace. Historically, employers hire candidates that perform well but don’t think about the personality and how they will fit in the team. “If it’s not a good fit with the people and the values, chances are it’s not going to be an enjoyable place and its not going to be a place that promotes good mental health.

2. Choose Employees with Soft Skills.

It’s very difficult to teach soft skills such as social and emotional intelligence. It is much much easier to teach computer skills, coding or bookkeeping.

3. Build up you Employees

Get the best out of your employees by building them up, not tearing them down. Create an environment where they feel valued and trusted. “That is the environment where you get the best work out of staff.”

4. Celebrate Mental Health Week

Adrian challenges all workplaces to celebrate Mental Health Week (Starting Saturday 9th October). Show your staff that their mental health and wellbeing matters. For example holding a morning tea.

“The way you get the best productivity out of staff is when they are happy and when they feel trusted and respected and valued. The way you can do that is saying, they are not commodities and assets, they are human beings/people and my number one responsibility is to create an environment where they can thrive.”

Do you celebrate mental health week at work? Let usĀ  know by texting or messaging us on socials

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