Across the Ditch: the man with 9000 egg cups

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 4:40 pm
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Every Wednesday, Mel and Jeziel get Asa Andersen on the horn all the way from across the ditch; New Zealand! As Jeziel’s younger brother, he brings them an askew view of the New Zealand news, and this week was no different.

egg cup

Everyone has a passion. Some people go so far as to turn their passion into a collection. People collect coins, stamps, cars and much much more. But only someone from New Zealand would choose to collect egg cups. As a matter of fact, someone from New Zealand does. Johnny Green is that man, and he has nine thousand egg cups in his vast collection.

He’s been collecting the cups for 50 years, and is still buying more every day. He says he began his collection when he bought a cup that looked very similar to one his mother gave him as an Easter gift in 1939.

To hear all about this incredible collection, and more news from the land of the long white, check out the podcast below

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