Across The Ditch: Awkward Moments & Stolen Cop Cars

Thursday, October 11, 2018 4:10 pm
Reading Time: 1 minute

Every Wednesday, Mel and Jeziel get Asa Andersen on the horn all the way from across the ditch; New Zealand! As Jeziel’s younger brother, he brings them an askew view of the New Zealand news, and this week was no different.

Mel and Jeziel haven’t spoken to Asa for a few weeks because of the school holidays, so Asa had to bring the guys up to speed on his awkward moment… I could try and explain to you what happened, but it involves an abandoned building and lying about the identity of his brother-in-law and the story is so much better when Asa tells it.

Asa also informs us that a 16 year old boy, who was already handcuffed, stole a police car! He was already in the back of the car and when the police officers who were driving stopped for a quick water break he managed to get into the front seat and drive off!

Asa has suggested all NZ officers must now carry their gun, badges and own water bottles always. 

Listen below.

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