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If the bite sizes stories and snippets from Brekky’s time in Nepal aren’t enough to satisfy you, you won’t want to miss this documentary series from ACCTV! Episode 2 of I See You: Together Restoring Hope will  give you an indepth look at the work of Miracles Day in Nepal. You’ll get a true glimpse of what The Brekky Team have been experiencing this week.

This ACCTV documentary series follows the work of CBM (Christian Blind Mission) in Nepal through the eyes of Lyn Wake, a passionate supporter and CBM ambassador. Follow the story of how amidst and out of tragedy, Lyn has come to support the work of CBM Australia around the world. Meet the Doctors, staff, patients and in country workers who work together to see miracles delivered and sight restored. Learn how, through the partnership with Australian Christian radio stations, Miracles Day has grown to have an immense impact in supporting the work overseas.

In this episode (#2) travel with Lyn Wake into Nepal as she is invited to witness the work of CBM in restoring sight to those with cataracts. Lyn meets a family that has three members identified by the hospital who can have their sight restored by the corrective surgery. Sabrita (mother), Yangsang (son) and Kumari (cousin) all travel from their village into the hospital and Lyn is welcomed by the family to witness their journey.


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