A woman refused to pay her pet sitter after they lost her cat.

18 October 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A woman refused to pay her pet sitter after they lost her cat.

She trusted her 16-year-old neighbour with the responsibility of caring for her pets while she was out of town. Initially agreeing to pay him a decent amount of money. But halfway through her four-day trip, the teenager messaged her admitting that he lost the house key. So she gave him the code to her garage so he could still go inside and feed her pets.

Once she arrived home her cat was nowhere to be found. When she questioned her neighbour he said that he saw the cat that morning. According to the security footage, her cat was wandering around outside at five in the morning. So she knew her cat must have been out at least the day before. The app for the garage door showed that her neighbour hadn’t been in that early. The litterbox was also clean so she suspected her cat had been gone for at least two nights. “We left the door open overnight and she did come home and is fine. We decided not to pay him. It’s a pay-what-you-want agreement and given that we now need to rekey the house and he lost our cat we didn’t feel that he took his responsibilities seriously.”

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