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A few weeks ago, Bec on The Morning Show caught up with Pastor Dani Jeyaratnam from Hillsong Church Perth to chat about the changes we’ve seen in people coming out of the COVID season.

Lots of things have changed during the whole COVID pandemic season and seeing different sides of people has been fantastic.

“What I’ve loved is watching people serve each other, care for each other go out of their way to make other people’s lives a little bit easier. Especially in this season. When there have been so many people who’ve been made redundant, have lost work and have struggled with health. That’s been really amazing.”

From a Pastor’s heart, the Word of God says we’re more blessed to give than receive…Hillsong Pastors Chrishan and Danielle Jeyaratnam with their daughters

“I don’t know about you, but when I’m helping someone, my perspective changes from me to them. And so I think even when we’re going through our own challenge, sometimes it’s nice to actually be able to stop for a moment and put our perspective to care for others.”

Research has really clearly found that when we do things for other people like serve or volunteer it actually it releases endorphins, it releases happy feelings in us.

Often, when it comes to volunteering, the act actually benefits the volunteer more than the person receiving. Pastor Dani recalled her time volunteering in a nursing home when she was studying occupational therapy. She remembers learning so many practical skills. At the same time, she was involved with the young adults at church, she started to take on teams and leadership. “So when I transitioned when I was in my full time work, those skills I learned as a volunteer completely revolutionized the way that I interacted in a professional career. sphere. And I think as a volunteer, you can never underestimate those life skills. professional skills that are transferable into other contexts.”

Volunteering is a great opportunity to lean into your strengths

Not everyone is a baker, so you might not feel comfortable with cooking up a meal for your neighbour, but maybe your gift is encouragement. So instead of baking something, you could write them an encouraging note. On the flip side, the idea of calling someone to tell them “they’ve been doing a great job” may be daunting for someone else, but you can step into that space.

How can I get my children involved in serving?

“In our church, we actually have a program we call the junior leadership program… they could be welcoming other children, or there is a creative team where they can press the buttons during worship or sing on the team. One of my daughters is involved in the baby room. I love seeing my daughters learn all these skills just from serving.”

Have a listen to the whole conversation below:



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