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Bec and Jeziel decided to share some good news stories that will make you smile.

A stray dog crashed a couple’s wedding and became a part of the family.

As the bride arrived at the church she noticed an uninvited guest, a stray dog. When the ceremony started the dog quietly sat by the doorway to watch. As the newlywed couple made for the exit, the dog became excited. “When he greeted us at the end, he asked take me home.‘” They decided to adopt the dog and named him Braiá Caramelo. “He’s so loving. Despite everything he’s been through, he still believes in the goodness of people. He gives us hope.”


You can get a haircut and some mental health advice

The Barbers for Life project in Tasmania has equipped local barbers with mental health training to support clients who are doing it tough. “We learnt how to assess people that might be having some issues and then how to appropriately guide them towards some resources and give them some advice that they can use to help them.”

Image: City of Launceston

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