A real life Yogi-Bear was caught after swiping a family’s chocolate cake

13 September 2022

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A real-life Yogi Bear has been caught after breaking into a family’s kitchen and helping himself to a freshly baked chocolate cake.

A Californian homeowner went to check out the strange sounds coming from her kitchen and got the fright of her life. “I kind of leaned in through the door of the kitchen and I’m peeking around and I see my kitchen is kind of destroyed. A chocolate cake I made for a barbecue that day was dumped over.” The four-legged burglar must have had a huge appetite as it also raided her fridge and chowed down on some avocados and nectarines.

Initially, she thought the culprit was a person dressed in a bear costume. But when she realised it was the real deal she ran upstairs and called her son for help. He didn’t believe her at first and went down to check it out for himself. “I took a peek at it and it was lying down on top of the counter like how a dog would. And it looked at me like ‘hey, what’s up man, you mind if I just chill here for a bit? It’s like ‘yeah, enjoy your time until the cops come.”

Body cameras captured the wild scene as Police made their way into the home and shooed the bear out which ran and climbed into a tree. The leftover cake was not salvageable and was binned. But the bear returned the next day for seconds, breaking into the rubbish bins and finishing the rest.

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