A nationwide garage sale to bring communities together

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 2:42 pm
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By Mike Atkinson | Drive Producer and Public Relations Officer

We all love to search for a bargain or sell our unused items at a garage sale, but it turns out your back pocket is not the only place it can benefit you.

Many of us don’t realise that garage sales are also a great way to bring communities together, help save the environment and improve well-being.

Now in its sixth year, Garage Sale Trail is a national initiative that sees hundreds of thousands of people participating in one big day of garage sales.


Last year’s event saw almost 3 million pre-loved items on sale at over 13,000 garage sales across the country. An award-winning sustainability and community campaign, Garage Sale Trail was founded in 2010 by Andrew Valder and Darryl Nichols.

The initiative encourages people to sell or reuse unwanted ‘stuff,’ take responsibility for their waste and have fun along the way.

“We absolutely love the unexpected interpretations of garage sales that we see on the day. In the past, people have sold some quirky items including a signed U2 Gold Record, a beachside apartment, a highland cow, a hovercraft and a definitive collection of Star Wars figurines.

Podcast: Jeziel with Garage Sale Trail co-founder Andrew Valder

Two Swedish girls even set up a roller disco in their garage for the day!” In addition to finding the ultimate bargain or quirky treasure, taking part in Garage Sale Trail is an opportunity to consider the impact we’re having on the planet and how we can make a difference. Last year, Garage Sale Trail redistributed enough items to fill 100 kilometres of shopping trolleys. A garage sale is also a great way to bring communities together and to foster neighbourhood relationships.

Last year, each Garage Sale Trail participant made an average of 22 new community connections and stayed in touch with 50% on an ongoing basis.


“At a time where we’re more isolated than ever, events such as Garage Sale Trail that bring communities together can have significant social outcomes. Holding a garage sale and getting to know your neighbours means that you’re contributing to a connected community that’s healthier, happier and even more prosperous,” said Valder.

Garage Sale Trail has grown from a grassroots event to a program powered by over 150 local councils nationally. Through engaging communities around Australia to host and shop at garage sales, Garage Sale Trail aims to promote environmental goals such as ‘reuse’ and furthering waste education.

Nationally there are almost 1.5 million items already listed for sale online worth more than $9.4 million.

Perth Events

At the time of writing, there were 817 events listed in the Perth Metro area. Get involved in a garage sale near you!

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