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Ed Sheeran’s Estate

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Ed Sheeran has been permitted to build a burial chamber on his estate. In 2019, he was allowed to construct a church at his mansion which would be used as for private gatherings such as a weddings. Now he has been given the green light to have a tomb built under the church with access via a stone slab. “Who is he going to bury? Is this for himself and his family?”

A mum made her sons sign a loan contract, after they borrowed money to buy a new PlayStation and TV. The 9 and 12 year old boys, wanted a new PlayStation each and a TV, but had nowhere near enough money. New Zealand mum, Nicola Adams, decided to use this as an opportunity to teach them about loans and repayments. “At this stage, the boys are in debt with the understanding that for the next x amount of weeks they will be doing their chores to pay off their loan. We explained the further details about interests with loans but decided against including the interests in their contracts.” Bec thought this was a great idea. “That is a good idea it will teach them about the real world when they grow up and leave home.”

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