A Man Sold the Eiffel Tower…Twice!

Friday, February 4, 2022 9:50 am
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Today I learnt…

Scientists used 2000 year old seeds to grow an extinct species of date tree. The tree disappeared form the Judean desert, but in 2012 seeds were discovered by archaeologists. They planted the seeds, growing a male and female of the species, and were able to produce biblical era dates! At the end of last year the tree produced a harvest of hundreds of dates once considered extinct! “You could sell those for a lot of money!”

A con-man sold the Eiffel tower almost twice! Victor Lustig was one of the most famous con men in history. So when he discovered the Eiffel Tower was rusting, he hatched the perfect plan. Disguised as a government official, he invited the most prominent scrap metal dealers to discuss an urgent matter. He then explained the French government had decided to tear down the Eiffel Tower and the 7000 ton of metal would be available to the highest bidder. Once he secured the 20 000 USD bid, along with a 50 000 USD bribe, he fled to Austria to live a life of luxury. The unsuspecting victim was too embarrassed to report to authorities. Which allowed Lustig to return to Paris and pull the exact same stunt! “Well lesson learnt. Don’t buy the Eiffel Tower if someone tries to sell I t you.”

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