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A man who is friends with a shark wants to rebrand shark attacks as mistakes

Diving expert, Jim Abernathy, believes sharks are misunderstood creatures, saying they should not be viewed as mindless killers, and insisting they have an affectionate side. Jim says he befriended a 15-foot tiger shark named Emma after he pulled a hook from her jaw, and the pair now communicate with hand signals. Although he believes the sharks to be smart and playful, Jim admits that there is a dangerous side and you should be aware of their actions. “A shark attack is a mistake, it’s really a shark mistake, and in the conditions that we have the chances for a mistake to happen are really, really low.”

Five body language and speech tips to make anyone like you and the four biggest turn-offs

Michelle Bowder, a certified speaking professional, shared her secret for improving your likeability. 

5 Things that will attract people to you:

  1. Limit jerky movements but always show your hands
  2. Have clean fingernails, 
  3. Wear flattering clothing
  4. Project ‘warmth’ 
  5. Listen well

The 4 biggest turn-offs

  1. Killing the fun
  2. Ignoring people 
  3. Talking over others 
  4. Unsatisfactory grooming 

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