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A hitchhiking chicken made a 300km journey to Broome in a caravan!

Bec and Jeziel shared this story on Drive. The stowaway chicken surprised the unsuspecting couple when they discovered it in the hatch of their caravan.

After a three-and-a-half-hour journey from Sandfire Roadhouse to Broome, Cheryl Harman opened the hatch of her caravan and found the  chicken and a freshly laid egg. “I could hear this squeaking noise and I thought, “Okay what’s that? I saw these eyes looking at me so I realised then it was the chicken so I freaked out and jumped back and said, ‘There’s a chicken, there’s a chicken in the tunnel boot!‘ The chicken jumped out of the caravan when she reached her destination and started pecking away happily.

Roadhouse office manager Dorothy Taylor, said it wasn’t the first time the chicken had snuck into a vehicle. Three weeks before it jumped inside someone else’s caravan and had to be driven 50km back to the roadhouse. “I would just keep the chicken I’m not driving all the way back to drop a chicken off.”

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