What’s trending: Wedding guest accidentally starts a fire

7 July 2022

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A guest nearly burned down a wedding venue but kept dancing like nothing happened.

The chaotic video has gone viral with over 11 million views. The man can be seen dancing with sparklers in both hands, but accidentally set the table and decor behind him on fire! Completely unaware he kept dancing while other guests were freaking out. When he finally realised what happened he threw all the décor on the ground and stomped on it until the fire went out, then continued dancing like nothing even happened.

What went wrong at your wedding? At Jeziel’s wedding, the middle tier of his cake went missing. “It was a different flavour, I talked to all the guests and no one had eaten it.” Simonette spent ages picking the right song to play as she walked down the aisle, but then they played the wrong song. “Nora Jones don’t know why instead of the nearness of you.”

Charlotte and her husband couldn’t get the rings to fit. “It was a hot day and I think our fingers swelled up.” At Ananada’s wedding, a horse ate her flower girl’s dress! “She disappeared from the reception that was in a horse stable. Then came back crying saying that she went to pat the horse and it grabbed her dress.”

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