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A grandpa called his granddaughter in tears asking if she’d like to have a sleep over

Megan Elizabeth has a great relationship with her grandparents. But after the 92-year-old grandpa lost his wife, he was feeling rather lonely. One night he texted Megan and asked if she would like to come over for a sleepover. “I haven’t been feeling well and miss you. We can order food and watch a mystery show. Love, grandpa.” Knowing that his health was declining Megan took any opportunity to spend time with him and drove to KFC to pick up their dinner.

As well as the grocery store to pick up some snacks and other things he requested. “Could you pick up applesauce? The cinnamon kind. And if you go somewhere with mashed potatoes, I would like that because I have no teeth and can only eat soft things. Ha!” They enjoyed the evening in each other’s company, eating ice cream and watching his favourite black and white mystery show.

@meganelizabeth1016 He’s my best friend. 💖🥺 #itsgrandpa #movienight #grandpa #family #love #sleepover #emotional #fy #foryou ♬ Repeat Until Death – Novo Amor

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