A gender reveal stunt started a bushfire in California

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 2:05 pm
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Gender reveals are no longer an intimate conversation between expecting parents and their doctor. Now they’re a whole trend, usually taking place as a day event where some kind of stunt makes

the announcement for the parents and their friends and family.

You’ve probably seen a bunch of reveal parties where the couple pops a balloon that has been filled with pink or blue confetti. You may not have seen the reveal party of Hollywood actress Shae

Mitchell. She had two friends dress up and stage a fight as a blue and pink Poweranger where A gender reveal stunt started a bushfire in California

the winner of the “fight” was wearing the colour suit that corresponded with the baby’s sex.

However, this expectant Californian couple were probably pretty surprised by what happened at their gender reveal party.

They trekked to a popular hiking spot, huddled with their children as a friend filmed on their phone … and within minutes they were fighting a bushfire. The couple had planned to launch a firework that would release a trail of coloured smoke, pink or blue, that would tell them what their newborn would be. In a nightmare-ish turn of events, the sparks from the firework engulfed the 1.2M grass that surrounded it in flames.

CCTV of the area shows the couple frantically trying to snuff the fire with water bottles. Sadly they were no match for the combination of dry vegetation and a stiff breeze on this hot Californian day. The fire is still burning and is currently only 20% contained.

After all of that, the couple never found out what they are having!

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