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Image: SWNS

A dog swallowed 16 golf balls without his owner realising!

David noticed his dog Ben had lost his appetite and started losing weight. He took him to the vet where an endoscopy revealed a cluster of 4cm golf balls sitting in his stomach! “One day he’d been sick and there was a golf ball in it. But I never thought for a minute it was because he’d eaten it. I just thought it was there because we live next to a golf course and he’d been playing with the ball.” Ben was rushed to surgery and after a two-hour operation, he is now back to his normal.

Theresa’s friend’s dog ate a whole towel! They took him to the vet who said there was no choice but to wait for it to be pushed through. The family had to assist the dog in passing the towel by gently pulling the towel out of his bottom. “He recovered and never suffered from it. But cost the family $6000!”

Sherrilee’s dog ate coffee pods delivered by the couriers “Have you ever seen a staffy on coffee? Not needed they are hyper enough!.”

What has your dog eaten? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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