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A Dad found a unique way to communicate with his sons after  they were separated in lockdown.

With Fathers Day approaching, Bec and Jeziel wanted to share this heart-warming story. A Dad, who lives apart from his sons, put up signs during lockdown so that he could stay in contact with them. Pete Johnson, was gutted to be separated from his two boys during lockdown. Even though they were just one street away. So the devoted dad, got creative used a signboard to stay in contact with his children, which he would leave outside their house.

Pete got up every morning at 7am to write the message for that day and would leave it on the hedges near their living room . He’d return to pick it up in the afternoon and talked to them through the window. He said “This was to show them I was thinking of them but also to motivated me to get up in the morning and to help combat the depression of losing contact with them.

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