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Recumbent Magdalene by Antonio Canova Image from

Each week Bec and Jeziel give a recap of the latest trending topics.

A couple discovered the artwork they bought for $8900 was actually a 200-year-old missing masterpiece worth $14.2 million! The sculpture has been identified as a missing artwork by Antonio Canova. Commissioned in 1819 by the Prime Minister. The 6ft long marble sculpture was one of his last works. The couple had it checked after hearing rumours that the sculpture might be a Canova. In an 8-month process costing thousands, they restored it to its former glory. It will be going on tour to New York and Hong Kong then sold in London on July 7.

A woman discovered she has been mispronouncing the word ‘cucumber’ her whole life. On TikTok, she asked if she says it strangely after many people pointed it out.

@emmaflicc_ Reply to @hollyms44 how do you pronounce cucumber?? #cucumber #pronunciation #accent #sounds #unhinged ♬ Mii Music but It Makes You Uncomfortable – lukeitslukas

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