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A bombed building in northern Ukraine has been turned into a rave.

Ukraine’s vibrant club scene was brought to a halt after the Russian invasion. So the ‘clean-up rave’ was organised by young Ukrainians to aid the recovery effort. Volunteers worked to clean and rebuild the cultural centre, which was destroyed in March by a rocket strike, while a DJ played techno music. One of the organisers said: “Last summer, every weekend festivals were here in Ukraine. So, we miss it and we want to come back to normal life, but our normal life now is volunteering.”

Image: Viacheslav Ratynskyi

Three friends embarked on a road trip from Scotland to India in a 23-year-old Mazda, which does not even have air conditioning.

Daniel Patton, Joe Fisher and Callum Kitson planned the 14,000 kilometre journey with just a GPS, sleeping bags and seven pairs of underwear each. The team set off from Duncasby Head Lighthouse in Scotland, on July 11. They hope to reach Kanyakumari, in the south of India, in four months. “This is going to be quite an epic journey. I can’t think of anyone who has done anything like this at our age.”

Image: PA Real Life

Scientists have transformed dead spiders into mechanical grippers.

Researchers from Rice University in Texas, discovered wolf spiders were able to lift 130 per cent of their own body weight. The researchers euthanized wolf spiders, inserted a needle into the chamber of the body that controls the legs, sealed it with glue and then used air to trigger the opening and closing of the legs. It is hoped they can be used in microelectronics, or for capturing small insects to study. (WARNING: Do not look at the video if you are scared of spiders!)

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