Meet our amazing 98five volunteers 

Monday, May 16, 2022 4:46 pm
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Meet our Amazing 98five Volunteers 

Volunteers make an incredible contribution across our society. Did you know that almost one-third of Australians, aged 15 and over, take part in unpaid voluntary work, contributing an estimated 596 million hours to the community each year?!

This National Volunteer Week we want to say a huge thank you to these amazing individuals, especially our awesome team of volunteers here at 98five. We have volunteers contributing across a range of areas, from office administrative work to those who come in to ensure our events like June Appeal and Radiothon can run smoothly, to our volunteer announcers who present specialist shows for our listeners. 

Here’s your chance to meet some of these superstars!  

“Bonza” John Callaghan

Bonza John has been volunteering as the Host of Sunday Night Country for around 6 years and enjoys giving people who love country music a place to hear the latest and greatest songs from the country music scene. “Country music is in my blood, and I love presenting my show on 98five. It also helped me through the pandemic by still being able to be involved in the Country music scene without actually playing at gigs. A highlight every week is hearing from the listeners about a particular song I’ve played that brings back memories for them or getting a laugh from one of my dad jokes.” 

Bonza John - 98five Volunteer

He says volunteering is something that gives to the community and to yourself. “It’s very good for the soul as its gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment and lots of satisfaction. To know you are doing your little bit, is very rewarding.” 

Andrew Jeffries

Andrew joined 98five as a volunteer in late 2016, helping with administrative tasks around the station each week. He says it’s an amazing opportunity to make a difference. “I felt I wanted to be of some small help in spreading the hope in Jesus to the people of Perth and beyond. It makes me feel good that I can help. I love the folk at 98five, they are so welcoming and friendly.” 

As a retiree Andrew says volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to do something positive with his time. “I think that volunteering in the community is important, particularly when you have retired and can help in the area you feel led to serve in. It’s easy to get in a rut and do nothing!” 

Nigel Onamade

Nigel has been presenting the Gospel Show on 98five since late 2021, volunteering after hearing of the need for someone with a passion for Gospel music to host the show. “After seeking the Lord, I took up the challenge as a complete radio novice. I have been involved in music, especially Praise and Worship, in various churches and groups and in the different countries I have lived in and visited.” 

Nigel says volunteering to present the show has given him some amazing opportunities, and it’s great to know he’s making a difference. “It makes me feel like I can help the listeners through their day, with some good Gospel music and the occasional inspirational messages that I share during the program. I did not realise until afterwards that a lot of my friends listen to the show, and they have been very encouraging in giving me feedback about the program. The highlight for me was my recent opportunity to interview Cece Winans! God has blessed a lot of us with so much and volunteering enables us to be a blessing to others around us in whatever way God has gifted us to do so.” 

Sharon Bailey

Sharon has been giving her time as a volunteer at 98five since late 2021, joining us in the office two days a week. “I heard on the radio that 98five has volunteers and it had been on my mind to re-enter the workforce for various reasons after stopping work to raise my family. I feel 98five has helped me more than I’ve helped them because I’ve made a comfortable transition back into a work environment which was quite a daunting thought 6 months ago.” 

Sharon 98five Volunteer

For Sharon volunteering is something that’s extremely rewarding. “I’ve always been interested in radio and I’m so pleased to be working with ordinary people doing an extraordinary job for the community. I like being part of something that is working towards ‘the bigger picture’ every single day.” 

For anyone considering taking the step of offering their time as a volunteer, 98five would love to hear from you! We have volunteering opportunities here at the station and can also put you in touch with one of our many community partners who’d love to have volunteers help with their work. Bonza John puts it beautifully when he describes the win-win benefits of volunteering. “It can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. It’s good to know you are doing good for others and the community. Volunteering also lets you meet people from all walks of life. It gives you the chance to form relationships that can have a lasting impact on you. You may also meet your new best friend or have conversations with others that could spark a change in your own life.” 

You can find out more about volunteering at 98five here.

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