“98five Is Partnering With Me To Raise My Kids”

Thursday, November 18, 2021 1:34 pm
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Elson Goh, from EG Financial Services, is a regular guest on Weekdays where he shares his wisdom around finances.98five

But today he joined us for Radiothon! For him 98five is helping to raise his children. One day, Elson was in his kitchen when his daughter ran up to him.

Daughter: that’s not how you do it…this is how you do it.
Me: Says who?
Daughter: Jeziel said so.
It took me a bit for it to click who she was talking about
Daughter: You know Jeziel.
*Light bulb Moment* Jeziel from 98five!

Elson believe it has a huge influence it connects them to the outside world. He knows he can leave the radio on not having to filter anything inappropriate his kids will learn new things.

“98five is partnering with me to raise  my kids. They’ve got their radio playing in their bedrooms and the car so they are constantly surrounded by people of faith. The messages that they’re consistently feeding their brains are hopeful and positive. I am forever grateful because I know that their future is going to be really bright.”

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