98five eNews: Winter 2019 Edition
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Get to Know the Family!

98five E News August

Jesus was a people person. Everything He did was about empowering those he met to live lives that counted.
It is what we aim to do with our whole team of staff and volunteers here at 98five.

There are people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the 24 hour a day, seven days a week of radio broadcasting. We have a dedicated team who help us find station sponsors. And like every organisation, we have IT systems and an administrators to ensure everything works.

We also give a lot of prayer and thought to our on-air line-up and our programming and music choices.

In this newsletter we want to give you more of an insight into who we are and why of what we do. We will introduce some of our on-air personalities and those who have important roles behind the scenes.

And that’s where you come in. it is your prayer and financial partnership that makes all of it possible.

Together, just like a family, we are better together. And together we can share that same message Jesus shared.

Our Announcers

98fives Breakfast Show with Kirste, Corey and Morro

The Breakfast Show with Kirste, Corey and Morro

This term we made a very special announcment; Brekky producer Corey has stepped up into the role of a full time Brekky show co-host. Corey has been a part of the show since 2015 working behind the scenes and occassionally popping up on air, but now the show is officially a trio. Morro is even letting him press the buttons!

98five Mornings Show with Bec





The Morning Show with Bec

Bec is the most recent announcer to join the 98five line-up! She started radio 17 years ago for a youth radio station at the ripe old age of 18! She was offered a role at 92.9fm as a breakfast producer, then became part of the ‘Bec and Morro Brekky show’ in 2012 here at 98five before heading off to start a family. For the last 3 years she has been a weekends announcer on 96fm. But now she’s back to host The Morning Show! It’s safe to say she’s quite the experienced jock.

“During those 17 years I have learnt so much, met my husband – who is my biggest support -, travelled, had two beautiful girls and fostered a few bubbas.”

98five Afternoon Show with Tama


The Afternoon Show with Tama

Tama joined the team in early 2018 as our new Music Director. After a few months of settling in to that role, he had his eyes set on a new challenge – learning radio! Now Tama not only hand selects every song you hear on 98five, but keeps you company on the air waves from noon til 3pm.

“It’s a privilege to step in and shape the sound of this station; and it’s such a thrill to keep people company across the afternoon!”


98five Drive Show with Mel and Jeziel




The Drive Show with Mel and Jeziel

Did you know that Mel & Jeziel didn’t start on The Drive Show at the same time? In 2016 Jeziel took over The Drive Show as a solo announcer. After 18 months of looking for the perfect co-host we realised she’d been right under our noses – Mel had been on the Saturday Morning Show since 2015!




(Some of) The Behind the Scenes Team

98fives admin team

Caroline and Siew Yee

The Admin Team

If you’ve ever phoned our office chances are you’ve spoken to one of these lovely ladies.


98fives Digital Content Producer


Digital Content Producer

Rachel is responsible for everything you see on our website and social media pages.



Media Marketing Consultant

Sean helps our station sponsors grow their business and ensures you have a wide range of sponsors to choose from.

Your partnership with 98five impacts lives, this is Chloe’s story…

I was a mum stuck at home with two kids, all of a sudden I was ridden with anxiety and PND. I’ve been a Christian all my life and nothing had challenged my faith as much as this. I couldn’t explain where the darkness came from. I always knew God was the only one to help bring me out – I’m thankful I knew that. But I didn’t practically know how that could happen.

So, I would play Sonshine constantly to give me comfort and companionship and the amount of bible passages or songs that popped up at awesome times brought hope… it was God’s tool to help! God alone is the one who saves, but you’re the vessel in which He uses.

Chloe, June Appeal 2019.


Sharing Hope, it starts with your story