On Mission: Jane Ross

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 3:47 pm
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Each fortnight Mel and Jeziel talk to someone who has recently returned from an eye-opening mission trip overseas. Whether it’s a short flight or around the world, there’s always some incredible stories to share.

jane ross

jane ross

This week, Jane Ross from Providence Midland joined Mel and Jeziel to chat about her time in Mendoza, Argentina. Mendoza is on the opposite side of the Andes from the capital Buenos Aries. Jane chatted about how she went on a few mission trips throughout high school and university, expecting each trip to satisfy the desire.

Fortunately, Jane felt the call to continue her missionary work, and now lives as a full time missionary. Each trip generally lasts only a few years, often constrained by visas. However, she’s never home for long, and usually finds herself jetting off again not long after.

Jane also chatted on the often overlooked issues of living overseas, including coming to terms with learning a new language. Fortunately enough, “pizza” is the same in both English and Spanish.

For all the details on Jane’s trip, including the intricacies of financing, and some incredible stories, check out the podcast below:


On Mission: Mel and Jeziel chat to Jane Ross

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