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In July we collected much needed items for 98five’s Heart for the Homeless Appeal. The goal was to collect as many sleeping bags and necessary items that are essential for rough sleepers and homeless people in Perth.
Throughout the month we heard some great stories of impact from our partners at One Voice and St Pat’s, the organisations where all the donations would end up.
Heart for the Homeless

Aaron from One Voice joined Mike from Weekdays to talk about their mobile shower trucks.

“Everyday we take the idea of a hot shower for granted. You wake up, you jump in the shower and get ready for work and off you go. But when you’re living on the street, it’s just not accessible that quickly and easily. The difference we see in people’s lives is amazing. There’s a guy we’ve seen regularly for a few years at the trucks. He’s rough, and angry all the time. He’s been on the streets for some time and has some big issues. But after he takes a shower, has a good shave and is fresh he puts on some new socks – he becomes the friendliest guy. He’ll sit around with us for a while and have a yarn about his life. He’s intelligent and articulate. In that moment he has his dignity restored and it’s so, so powerful”.

Heart for the HomelessMelanie from St Pat’s shared with the Drive Team a little on what they do.

“Primarily we find people homes and get them off the streets as well as operating a day centre in the heart of Freo. It’s a place of refuge, where people can come and spend the morning and get out of the elements. We serve brekky and lunch and provide hot showers and some basic, fresh groceries they can take away with them. Here we get to engage with people, find out what their needs are and put them in touch with a counselor or caseworker who can help them find permanent housing. In recent weeks we actually opened up in the evenings when we had dreadful weather and were able to provide bedding and a place for people to sleep overnight.”

Tuesday this week was the big collection day.

We gathered our forces and piled into the transport kindly donated by Lynford Osborne Park and Titan Ford Melville. We spent the morning loading the vans with all the donations from our various collection points like St Stephens School and Riverview Church. It was pretty handy having Power to Empower Gym own Ben O’meara on the team, who happens to be a Strongman competitor who helped moved some of the bigger boxes! We met back at the 98five studios, unloaded and divided everything and then reloaded the vans to roll out to One Voice and St Pats!

And now, what you’ve been waiting for…

In total, you donated over 9,000 items to our Heart for The Homeless! This includes every razor, every toothbrush and every toothpaste and shampoo. Over 500 sleeping bags were donated, as well as over 700 pairs of socks, almost 800 undies, 1,300 toothpaste tubes, almost 500 shampoo bottles and 1,200 razors!
Thank you to everyone who was a part of this appeal. These stats are truly phenomenal. Every gift will impact the lives of the 9,000 West Aussies that are sleeping rough on any given night.

Heart for the Homeless – proudly supported by One Voice, Saint Pat’s, St Stephens School, Lynford, TitanFord and 98five.


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