YouthCARE Brings Hope to Schools and Their Community

Friday, November 19, 2021 10:59 am
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Stanley Jeyaraj, CEO of YouthCARE, joined us for Radiothon.youthCare

He has been a part of YouthCARE for 17 and a half years! Other than the curries, Stanley has stuck around for so long because of the amazing volunteers, supporters and chaplains. “All with the one view of ‘we’re going to have to give something for our neighbours. Let’s get in there and give them a hand’.”

For almost 50 years, YouthCARE has been creating positive school communities. They aim to provide the best pastoral care and values education programs to bring hope to young people, their families and school communities. We have partnered with YouthCARE for Free Coffee Fridays. This gives us the opportunity to shed light on the fantastic work chaplains, teachers and principals are doing in their school community. “We’re happy to partner with yourselves in those sort of things we are aligned. its a partnership that been going for a few years. We’ve been to so many schools and they love having that concept there.” To help us keep broadcasting hope across Perth, you can donate to our ‘Hope All day Every Day’ Appeal.

“Since then you have continued to be present in people’s lives. With a consistent message about hope. This station is an invaluable service to the community.”

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