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Grant Dusting from McCrindle (Or as they like to call him Stat-Man) joined Kirste and Leon to chat about the latest trends involving streaming services.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Stan and Disney+ have become a popular choice of entertainment in Australia. On average Australians spend 7 hours a week watching streaming services. Despite this, 68% of Aussies say they spend more time on screens than they would like and 64% have said it has made their life more sedentary.

42% of Australians have more subscriptions to streaming services than they did a year ago.

70% Australians have a subscription to a streaming service, with the average household holding 2.3 subscription services.

87% of people subscribe to Netflix making it the most popular streaming service in Australian

The cost of having multiple streaming services adds up. The average household spends $55 on subscriptions each month. It is the younger generation leading the charge on subscription services with 95% of Gen Z and 93% of Gen Y holding at least one entertainment subscription.
Sites like YouTube, TikTok and Facebook offer free content and entertainment. These are most popular with Gen Z who spend 14 hours a day using these platforms.

How many streaming services do you have? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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