7 things to do for mum without her having to ask

Monday, May 15, 2017 11:07 am

Corey Sutton | Brekky producer

As a kid once myself, mum would often get frustrated at asking me and my siblings to do chores. We would either reply with “yeah we’ll do it after this”, or “I heard you the first time”. Now I no better, mum just wanted us to do it without asking us.

So below is 10 of the best things a kid (or husband!) can do for mum without mum having to ask.

1. Put your glasses in the sink/dishwasher

How hard can it be really? What goes even further is if you also load the dishwasher or clean the dishes too!

2. Make your own lunch and pack your snacks

This is actually such a powerful thing for kids to learn to do. Plus it stops them from complaining about their lunch since they made it.

3. Feed the dog

How hard can it be? The dog begs, you feed it. Game over kids.

4. Saying please and thank you

Manners are actually such a crucial part of life, and I’m surprised how many adults don’t actually have them! Being well mannered will pay dividends forever!

5. Help unload the shopping

As a kid, when you hear that car pull up in the drive, run outside and help mum carry the bags in. Go above and beyond and help put the groceries in the fridge/pantry and you might just win yourself a little treat. After all, she does feed you.

6. Give her a hug

Sometimes mum just needs a hug, and you don’t need a reason. So do your mum a solid today, give her a hug.

7. Clean up after dinner

Mum is exhausted after a day of either work or running errands. On top of that she cooks dinner more often than not. Helping clear the table after dinner goes a long way.

Got anymore that we should have added, let us know in the comments.

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