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Leon Piper | Drive producer

Kids say and do the cutest, craziest things the human brain can think of. In the old days, these slices of wisdom would have gone undocumented.

However, with the wonders of modern technology, parents can share their kids quotes instantly.

Here are seven of the best you can find on twitter.

1. It’s all fun and games until the day you pay your first bill.

2. Between snakes, lizards, crocodiles and turtles, it’s quite the decision.

3. I’d understand missing the zany comments. The mess and early mornings? Perhaps not so much.

4. Don’t worry, only 11 more years to go!

5. Faster than a speeding bullet, more agile than someone trying to prevent a costly day of painting.

6. How do you wrap that?

7. Of course it would be delicious, it’s glazed…sorry 😉

Source: Bored Panda

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