7 dogs that haven’t quite got it together

Friday, January 13, 2017 1:43 pm
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Leon Piper | Mornings producer

Dogs are great. They’re fluffy, fun, and cute. They’re noble animals, but sometimes they don’t quite have it all figured out.

To get you warmed up for a fun weekend, here are seven dogs that are doing their best, but aren’t quite cutting the mustard (but you can’t blame them for trying).

1. This one hasn’t quite figured out pots yet, but curiosity is a virtue.


2. This is either an elusive new breed — the ‘green retriever’ — or this pup tried to help with the mowing.


3. Not terribly well behaved, but who needs obedience when you’re as cute as this pup?


4. Don’t deny it, you’d try to eat a rainbow if you could. I bet they’d be delicious.


5. Dog or seal? Doesn’t matter because seals are just the dogs of the sea anyway, right?


6. How did he even get up there? This hound either has a good understanding of ladders, or has been hanging around too many squirrels.


7. You may be mistaken for thinking this corgi has fallen over. However, it’s just demonstrating the latest fad: dog yoga (featured pose: very downward dog).


Clumsy and goofy as they are, it’s hard not to love these adorable pooches.

Enjoy the weekend!

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