6 amazing Danish playgrounds

Thursday, April 20, 2017 11:00 am

Leon Piper | Mornings producer

When it comes to childhood memories, few are fonder than those of time spent at the playground. Slides, swings, and monkey bars would keep us busy for hours.

But when you think about it, most playgrounds are a bit the same. Luckily for the children of Denmark, one company has taken it upon themselves to design a series of stunningly creative playgrounds.

MONSTRUM was founded by two former theatre set designers, and it shows. Their creations usually a follow a theme and feature bright colours and interactive spaces.

Here’s six of their best:

1. The Owl King

2. The Whale

3. The Crooked House

4. The Dragon

5. The Bermuda Triangle

6. The Zoo


Anybody else thinking a trip to Denmark during the next school holidays is now on the cards?

The 98five family did vote on free parks topping the list of favourite school holiday family activities. It’s just some loose change for plane fuel, right? 😉

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