5G could stop those parking-space-stress induced seizures

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 12:24 pm
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Every day The Breakfast Show brings you Top That: The top news stories according to us. This morning, Kirste is taking us to the future.

The term ‘5G’ has been thrown around with the promise of faster internet for a while now. Although, after the whole NBN ordeal,  most West Aussies are hesitant to heighten their hopes.

The National Broadband Network was supposed to give Aussies everywhere super fast internet speeds and reliable connectivity. However, most of us were left frustrated, with the stress of buffering and dropouts increasing our blood pressure and giving us headaches. So this new 5G network is supposed to fulfil what we expected from NBN and take away the pain of poor internet.

BUT, that’s not the most exciting outcome of this new network. As 5G rolls out across the country, it creates opportunities to connect as “smart-cities”. Just like our phones can now talk to our houses, our cities can be digitally connected. Which means, in the near future we could have parking spots that talk directly to your phone and guide you straight to a space to park! This is already a reality in Barcelona!

You would get a parking space every time you went out. Without the stress-induced seizure, without the arguments and most importantly, without throwing away time searching for one.

It could be this time of year and the Christmas-shopping chaos that’s got us particularly excited for this possibility. There are countless other life-changing potential connections that the 5G network could power, (like remote wireless surgeries) but could you imagine getting in the car to go to Carousel and not having to worry about the parking situation !?


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