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New research has found a strong correlation between brand trust and consumer behaviours. With more than half of Australians saying that they will stop purchasing from brands that break their trust.

Adobe’s latest study has revealed that building trust and enhancing the digital experience is vital in the exchange between brands and consumers. With consumers remaining loyal and spending more when this is done right. Adobe’s Executive Digital, Media and Business Strategist Gabbi Stubs joined Mike to discuss the research and factors that both increase and decrease Australian consumers’ trust in a brand.

Despite the importance of building trust with consumers, earning trust has become increasingly tricky. Eight in ten (81%) senior business leaders say it has become harder since the onset of the pandemic, and trust relies on the brand’s ability to make a positive impact, use data responsibly and deliver digital experiences on customers terms.

For more information, you can access the full Adobe Trust Report 2022. Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials listen to the full chat below!

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