53% of commercial radio listeners are uncomfortable with the impact that commercial radio can have on their children

9 November 2022

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After each of our generous supporters donates to our Radiothon Appeal, they are asked “why? what made you decide to support us today?”

This is what Francine had to say.

“My family and I were recommended to listen to 98five by a family member after a bad experience with another radio station, and we have been listening to it and loving it ever since. “

One of 98five’s defining features is that we are always safe for little ears. Since our initial broadcast 34 years ago, we have upheld our promise that you will never have to fumble to change the station after hearing something inappropriate. You’ll never have to worry about the stories the announcers tell or other listeners share on air. While tuning into 98five you can trust that everything your children hear on air is positive, wholesome and uplifting. Whereas on commercial radio stations, it can be the wild west!

In fact, 91% of Christian radio listeners are uncomfortable with the impact that commercial radio can have on their children and 53% of commercial radio listeners feel this too!* So why would these 53% of commercial listeners not make the change to a positive radio station? Well, there is a good chance they’ve never heard of us. In a recent survey we found that half of Perth has never heard of 98five, that is 1,000,000 people! So all these people don’t even know there is an alternative out there. We want to change those numbers dramatically.

And it’s possible. The tools, technology and resources are available through TV and social media advertising, billboards, bus backs, other promotional strategies, and marketing expertise.
Big goals require big actions and we’re ready and well-planned for how we are going to achieve this.

Will you help us bring positive radio to everyone in Perth?

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*National Listener Engagement Report (CMAA & McCrindle, April 2022)